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Closing the Gap - Koolin Balit: 2011 Aboriginal Health Regional Data Update

Author: Department of Health
Date: 15th August 2013
Size: 20 pages (1.70MB)

Download: Closing the Gap - Koolin Balit Aboriginal health- 2011 update Regional data.pdf has been archived and is no longer available.


This report is supplementary to the Closing the gap: Koolin Balit, Aboriginal health: 2011 update; report, which is the second iteration of the report Closing the Gap in Aboriginal health: baseline; report, produced by the Department of Health in December 2009. The original baseline report aimed; to assist in the preparation of regional Closing the Gap implementation plans.; This supplementary report provides data for the eight regions in Victoria on a number of key; indicators of Aboriginal health and wellbeing in Victoria. It consists of twelve measurable indicators; across four life stages at a regional level, covering three tiers: health status and outcomes,; determinants of health and health systems performance.

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